Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day 4 continued.

The weather dried up long enough for me to get the base in.

I've been practicing slab-rolling but as you can see the bottom isn't smooth. I'll post some pictures of the slab-rolling process tomorrow.

The layer of clay is about 2cm thick, and has used nearly a whole bag of clay (12.5kg). I'm going to have to use thinner layers for the walls as otherwise I'm going to run out before I get to the top. (I've done a little spreadsheet to calculate the volume of the base and the walls and divided that by how much clay is in each bag).

I've tried to smooth the base using slip, a mixture of clay and water with the texture of yoghurt. It's messy to make.

The slip has smoothed the base out but I think its gone a bit too watery. I'll check again in the morning.


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