Saturday, August 12, 2006

Building Supplies

After finding inspiration in their website, and a quick chat on the phone, we went to Bath Potter's Supplies (BPS) today to get the clay and insulation. BPS were incredibly helpful and supportive in working through the options with me.

After discussing the requirements - shape and size of the pot, that it would be heated repeatedly to about 300-400°C and left outdoors in frosty conditions, BPS recommended Potclay's original raku clay.
Original Raku (1154)

Superb thermal shock resistance. Low shrinkage. Designed for Raku process but also suitable for slabbing etc., and as a stoneware body.

Buff to off-white body. Especially good for slabbing and handbuilding. Suitable for for large constructions and tiles needing good warp resistance.

Firing range 900-1300°C

I also bought 5m of 13mm*600mm superwool 607Max insulation. Superwool 607Max is rated for continuous use at 1260°C and is "body soluble" - the human body can break down any fibres that get into the lungs.

It remains to be seen if this is enough insulation. At our working temperatures, the insulation should be worth about 0.07 w/m•k, but I'm not finding it easy to work out what that means in charcoal burning terms.

I also had a nice long soak in the new outdoor thermal spring in Bath. Very nice.


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