Saturday, August 12, 2006

Build day 1. Objective: Clean the oil drum and cut the top off.

The guy in the garage said it would be easy to remove the top of the oil drum - "just chisel it off".

Made reasonable progress on this, although it would have been easier to hit the cold chisel and not my hand if I had a nice big club hammer.

The top came off in one piece leaving a sharp jagged each which I hammered down.

After this I hammered the oil drum back into shape where it had been dented, and then cleaned it out with (kitchen) degreaser to remove the remains of the oil. A small hole in the top of the drum has let some water in creating a rust stain. Far from ideal, but the steel is thick enough to last several years and I'm not going back to get another oil drum.

Ahh...nice clean oil drum

I also created a wire former to make the shape of the clay on. In the photo you can see the cuts used to let the top taper in to take a pot shape. Not sure yet if this is going to be the best approach to moulding the clay.

Tools used today
protective goggles
ear defenders
protective gloves
washing-up/latex gloves

1 steel oil drum (capacity 208 litres)
25mm cold chisel
1lb hammer

2 pints degreaser and/or detergent
Galvanised chicken wire (13mm weave)
Tin snips
Thin galvenised wire
Flat-nosed pliers


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