Saturday, August 12, 2006

Build day 3. Objective: Fit door to air vent.

A short build day today as I spent the morning spent messing around with routers, ADSL and wireless lans. We do now have every computer in the house connected up, and the laptop is wireless enabled for garden internet surfing. Woo!

The concrete didn't look quite set this morning - we mixed it as dry as possible to ensure there was plenty of grip on the nuts holding the castors on. We added another pint or two of water to make sure it sets properly.

I cut the door for the air vent from the lid of the oil drum. Its a little larger than the air vent hole to allow for a flusher fit. Smoothed it off with the angle grinder and file and then fitted with the hinge. The hinge isn't designed for this kind of joint, so I've mounted the door on the outside of the hinge.

I've got a great book called Tandoor - The Great Indian Barbecue. The technique shown in the book for building a tandoor is the same as suggested by the pottery shop - slab rolling. So I think tomorrow I will have a go at a smaller scale effort as shown here.


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