Monday, August 21, 2006

Day 10 part 1. Objective: Line tandoor with jaggery.

Started work today by cutting up the jaggery. That is a 1kg block you can see in the picture. The texture is a bit like fudge - it cuts up pretty easily.

The jaggery has a lot of water in it so it melts easily.

I smeared the jaggery on the inside of the tandoor using a wooden spoon and a spatula. It was very diificult to get a smooth surface as the jaggery became very sticky when the clay cooled it down. I was able to fix this later once the fire was going.


Blogger Peter said...

Hi There

planning my first Jaggery, so here is what might sdeem like my first daft question. What is Jaggery?


4:22 pm  

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