Friday, September 01, 2006

More cooking

Another big tandoor feast yesterday.

Starring from left to right: naan, king prawn with potato and corn seekh, home-made paneer and cherry tomatos, aubergine tikka, lamb seekhs and the ubiquitous tandoori chicken.

Proof - as if it were needed - that a 2kg chicken can be suspended from a single skewer. It all got a bit difficult once the chicken was cooked as the meat lost its grip on the metal.

Some of the various foodstuffs waiting to go in the tandoor.

Naans worked even better this team - really puffy.

Tandoori king prawns were brilliant again. The potato and corn seekhs were a little undercooked, but we had to rescue them before they fell of the skewer.

Homemade paneer and cherry tomatoes were a complete success. I've not made cheese before so I was very pleased. Marinaded in mustard oil with coriander and a little crushed cumin, garnished with a little black salt and cumin.

And that chicken again, none the worse for a little contact with charcoal. You can see how juicy it is from the liquid on the plate...


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