Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It is finished (more or less)

A bit of chicken wire and two 2kg tubs of fire cement and the top of the tandoor is starting to look presentable. I'll probably add a third tub to smooth off the edges. I'll eventually get round to painting it and maybe putting some mosaic on the fire cement round the top.

The lid comes from Popat Store on Ealing Road in Alperton. It is made from cast iron so its pretty heavy. They also have a nice line in skewers (seekh).

Here you can see my new skewer collection. From left to right: 6 round skewers, 2 naan skewers, 2 square skewers, 2 home made skewers and the skewer from the local curry house.


Blogger Pasha said...

Hello, good site...where can i buy those skewers ??

3:16 am  
Blogger Pummy said...

Hi There,

Very good blog. I have been searching for self made instructions for long time.

One query. In first picture you have covered the around of the pot hole with some material. Is it clay or fire cement?

Also can I use fire bricks on base and then put some clay on top of them?


1:24 pm  

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