Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It Cooks!

Firstly I'd like to give my thanks to Monty's Northfields for letting me look round their kitchen and ask lots of questions.

Some friends came round so we knocked up this spread. From left to right: naans, coriander chutney (green), tandoori king prawn, tandoori khatta masala (grey powder), roast peppers, tandoori chicken, lamb seekh, sag paneer.

Naans were very good indeed. They really do just stick inside the tandoor until they are cooked. Montys tell me they use special naan flour, which I haven't seen anywhere else. Chappati flour might be worth a try - these are using organic strong white flour.

Here you can see me using the naan skewers to pull the bread out the oven. The bread usually comes off easily once it is cooked.

Tandoori king prawn were fabulous.

Whole tandoori chicken was succulent and sweet. Cooked in two 15min blasts in the tandoor. This massive bird (nearly 2kg) was suspended from a single skewer "woven" along the backbone. As long as the skewer stays at an angle, the chicken stays in place!

Here you can see the chicken during the second part of the seven hour marinading. There is a spare chicken there for our next big session later this week.

Paneer was cooked in the tandoor and then panfried with spinach leaves and some spices. Delicious.

For our first attempt this was an absolutely amazingly good meal! The heat maybe should have been higher for the naan and the prawns, and the chicken did hit the charcoal at one point. Other than that - perfect.


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It's possible the special nan flour you were told about is durum atta flour

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